Clock and Thermometer

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Clock and Thermometer, for Garden or Indoor Use

Made from Recycled Plant Pots

The combination of clock and thermometer is the perfect accessory for your house or garden.
It is completely weatherproof, which makes it ideal to measure the temperature in the garden on those hot summer days, or to determine how just how cold it really is! 
The clean, high contrast design makes it easy to read from the far end of the garden.

Made from recycled materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

This innovative material has a lovely, solid, heavy, quality feel, much like slate.

Redundant coffee cups, plant pots, seed trays etc. are collected throughout the UK via the "Pot to Product" scheme run by participating garden centres and shops. 

The pots etc. are cleaned and sorted, then shredded and melted back down into pea-sized pellets. 
A small amount of dye is added to provide the "slate" effect.
Once in their pellet form, the materials can be formed into all sorts of new products!

Wall mounted.

Measures 160x260mm

Comes boxed, with full instructions and manufacturer's guarantee.

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