Plant Pot Holder, Set of 3

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Eco Plant Pot Holder

A unique patented, self-locking design, provides a simple, fast and cost-effective way of transforming your vertical surfaces and creating more room to grow!

Works on sheds and fences, plus it can be screwed to solid walls.

Holds standard 5 and 6 inch pots

Featured on Dragon's Den, Ireland.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

The solid "slate" finish and feel is lightweight, yet strong and durable.

Designed for outdoor use.

Redundant plant pots, seed trays, plastic coffee pots, yogurt pots etc. are collected through the UK wide 
"Pot to Product" scheme through participating garden centres and shops.
They are sorted and cleaned then shredded and melted back down into pea-sized pellets.
A small amount of dye is then added to provide the "slate" effect.
Once in their pellet form, the materials can be formed into all sorts of new products.

Pack of 3, only £6.95 
At Oceanwest we take great pride in offering top quality products at very good value for money

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