Macrovita Natural Crystal Roll-On Deodorant, "Lavender"

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Macrovita Natural Crystal Deodorant, Roll-On
Made in Greece, 90ml.

Some conventional deodorants fight body odours by either blocking the pores of the skin to restrict perspiration, or by covering them with strong perfumes.
This can cause irritation, rashes or allergies.

The Natural Crystal Deodorant by Macrovita is made from crystallized mineral salt.
It does not contain alcohol, heavy chemicals or harmful aluminium compounds.
It is gently and naturally fragranced with an attractive lavender fragrance.
It is effective against body odour in a 100% natural manner, and will not stain clothes.
It works by forming an invisible but powerful film on the skin, preventing the growth of the micro-organisms which cause unpleasant odours, whilst allowing the skin to sweat and breathe naturally.
It is a natural, safe product and suitable for everyone.

Use: Shake well before use,.
Always apply to clean skin, to underarms and any other part of the body you wish to protect.

Macrovita, was established in Greece in 1984.
Macrovita design, formulate, develop and produce a range of natural cosmetics based on sophisticated combinations of vegetable oils or plant extracts, bee origin substances and natural vitamins. 
They were the first company to produce cosmetics containing olive oil as an active ingredient, in 1998.
Over the years, the range of products has improved and increased.

All of Macrovita's products are produced with an emphasis on the use of ingredients that are sourced from Certified Suppliers of Organic Produce
The Macrovita and Olivelia range of products are:-
Dermatologically tested
Mineral oil, Vaseline and Propylene Glycol free
Genetically Mutated (GM) vegetable extracts free
Parabens free
Environmentally friendly and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

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